Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Monday, October 25, 2021

About Us

Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology (CHPP) offers practical mental wellness solutions for families, including infants and children, adolescents, teens, and young adults.
CHPP was established in 1973 by Dr. Carolyn S. Schroeder, a pioneer in pediatric psychology. For many years we were part of Chapel Hill Pediatrics. As Dr. Schroeder points out in her book, Assessment and Treatment of Childhood Problems, pediatricians are the ones most likely to encounter children’s behavior problems first, and parents are most likely to talk initially with their child’s pediatrician when behavior or developmental concerns arise. This places the pediatrician in a unique position to identify children and families who are in need of preventative mental health services.

Like pediatricians, we tend toward a prevention-based approach to mental health, offering practical solution-based life skills grounded in research.

While our patients often come from the pediatric and family practices, our services are available to anyone, and there is no need for referral from a pediatrician.

From a broad perspective, our services include child development counseling and behavior management advice to parents in our private offices, over the phone, and during parent group classes, which focus on different ages and stages of development.
"Like that of pediatricians, our goal is to enhance the development of children, and reduce the number of children with significant emotional and behavioral problems through early identification and intervention."

-- Carolyn S. Schroeder, Founder CHPP