Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Monday, October 25, 2021

Barbara Hawk, Ph.D.

Dr. Hawk has been with Chapel Hill pediatric Psychology since 1986 offering a background in developmental disabilities and neuropsychology to a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic issues. Her diagnostic expertise includes psycho-educational evaluations for questions regarding school functioning, learning disabilities, and ADHD, neuropsychological assessment from a developmental perspective, and assessments related to international adoption, bilingual issues, and child trauma.
Her expertise since 1979 in the areas of typical development, multi-disciplinary evaluations, developmental disabilities, and more recently expanding research, inform her approach to diagnostic assessment.
Children often present “puzzling” difficulties. Dr. Hawk helps focus evaluations in a manner that provides helpful, practical information for parents and teachers and is experienced by children as positive and non-threatening.
Dr. Hawk evaluates children and young adults from infancy and toddler hood through high school and college.
Her therapeutic work often addresses adjustment stress, grief and loss, adoption issues (for parents and children), anxiety, depression, giftedness, and developmental stressors related to neuropsychological or chronic medical challenges.
She is a member of the North Carolina Psychological Association, the North Carolina Infant and Young Child Mental Health Association, and the Society for Pediatric Psychology.div>