Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Tuesday, September 28, 2021

David Riddle, Ph.D.

Dr. Riddle, Ph.D, is a licensed clinical psychologist and president of Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology. He has more than 20 years’ experience in pediatric psychology, particularly in the field of attention and learning disorders. In addition to conducting comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations, Dr. Riddle provides children, adolescents, and adults with cognitive behavioral treatment around issues pertaining to the challenges of ADHD. He frequently conducts workshops for local and regional schools and community agencies on ADHD across the lifespan.
Trained in the scientist-practitioner model of psychology, Dr. Riddle believes it is important to apply the principles of behavioral analysis and therapy for problems of functioning in the school, home, and work environments with parents and teachers as consultants, and the patient a full partner in the therapeutic process.
“Demystification” of attention and learning issues is a significant aspect of his treatment, as well as the use of personal strengths to address challenges.
Dr. Riddle’s practice includes the use of educational planning services to students with learning and attention issues, helping students find colleges and post high school experiences that fit their individual learning styles.