Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Education Consultation/Advocacy

Children with learning differences often require specific types of support in order to make progress in school and accurately demonstrate their knowledge. In many cases, your child’s academic experience and the supports that your child receives at school depend on your ability to navigate the “system,” such as understanding what types of accommodations or interventions are available, the appropriate type of classroom for your child, and other related issues. Additionally, it is important to understand how to be an assertive advocate for your child while maintaining a healthy relationship with your school. 
Our practice has a number of clinicians and educational specialists with many years of experience working with families and schools to provide your child with their ideal learning environment. We have worked with public and private schools from pre-school through college. Our level of support depends on your specific needs, but can range from providing advice on how to work with schools, attending meetings with parents and school personnel, classroom observations, and meeting with teachers and other school personnel.