Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Monday, October 25, 2021

Our Methods

Like physical wellness, we believe mental wellness is a continuum. At certain stages during a child’s development things might seem fairly normal. During another stage, something might seem a bit out of the ordinary …just enough for you to think “Hmmmm…this doesn’t seem quite right.” And you begin to wonder if you should seek advice, help, or education about the issue.

Trust your instincts and seek advice before the issue progresses.

We utilize our research-based, practical approach to examine not only your child’s behavior and feelings, but the surrounding elements of his or her environment that might be a contributing factor. Is there change in your child’s life, such as schooling, relocation, divorce, death – or even change in diet, exercise, or sleep habits? Is your child at the age of a hormonal surge? Perhaps there is a neurological cause. Environmental events may impact the course of development in ways that respond to guidance and help families get back on track.

Instead of initially looking for a “disorder,” within your child, we examine your child’s world. What’s going on at home within the family? At school? What are the environmental or neurological factors causing this behavior change?

Then we take a developmental, practical approach, applying research-based solutions to help. We work with you, the child, the family – and often each other – to create a practical plan toward coping and resolution.