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Monday, April 23, 2018


Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology

Self-Improvement Series


Skill-Building and Confidence-Boosting groups for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade girls


The Self Improvement Series empowers participants to utilize their personal strengths to tackle the most predominant issues of pre-teen and middle school life. Participants are invited to engage in stimulating group dialogue that helps us explore social and interpersonal factors related to self-improvement while creating a positive and safe environment for discussion. Through strategic exercises, we'll build resiliency and autonomy to expand confidence in our physical, mental and emotional selves.


The Series is organized by weekly group classes, categorized into specific themes. Topics include self-esteem, understanding the self-concept, social skills and healthy relationships, anger and aggression, emotional regulation, body image, and bullying. Each themed program of the series engages a specific topic and includes 5 group sessions.


Therapist: Macy Williamson, M.S., LMFTA



Upcoming Programs:


The Mask – Building Self Esteem by Understanding Who We Are



Social Skills and Healthy Relationships

Wednesdays 5-6 PM, beginning October 4th, 2017;  $300 flat/$50 per meeting


Body Images and Body Messages – Making Peace with Our Bodies



Dealing with Bullying



Letting Go and Taking Control - Anger, Aggression, and Emotional Regulation



To Register Please Call 919-942-4166 ext. 101

For questions, ext. 112

*Group times and scheduling subject to change based on parent preference