Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Thursday, December 02, 2021


While most services we offer typically are covered by health insurance policies, some may not be. Kindly make sure you review your policy carefully for coverage information.
Most policies require annual deductibles by individual, family, or condition, and may set annual dollar limits or numbers of visits allowed per year. Moreover, certain mental health policies may offer reimbursements at a different rate from other medical services.
Some policies may require prior authorization for mental health services. Please obtain the required authorization needed and present it to our office staff when you arrive for your initial visit. If you participate in a managed care plan, subsequent visits may also need authorization from that insurance carrier.
We will make every effort to provide required documentation to your insurance carrier so that authorization for visits may continue. The ultimate responsibility lies with you, however, to assure that you have proper authorization for our services.

Services Not Covered by Insurance

  • Parent appointments
  • Missed appointments
  • Telephone sessions
  • School observations and visits
  • Any written communication we provide on a patient’s behalf
Please check your policy for reference.