Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Monday, October 25, 2021


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a specific weakness in the ability to regulate attention, high levels of motor activity, and impulsivity.   Some children with ADHD are highly active, whereas others are more “quietly inattentive,” experiencing difficulties sustaining attention, organizing thoughts, and completing tasks in a timely manner.   
Initial Assessment:
Our clinic takes a thorough approach to the assessment of ADHD, including a combination of parent and teacher reports, behavior observations, and performance on objective tests. We work closely with families, schools, and pediatricians to design a plan that addresses your child’s needs; this can include academic support, test taking accommodations, skill-building, and, in some cases, medication management with a medical provider. We believe that families know their child best; therefore, our job is to provide you with the range of options and allow you to make informed decisions about your child’s care.
Medication Evaluation:
If you are considering medication as a treatment for your child’s ADHD symptoms, or if you are uncertain about the impact of your child’s current medication, our clinic can help! We provide medication efficacy evaluations to help you and the pediatrician determine the most effective medication for your child. These evaluations use objective tests to compare your child’s attentional skills on and off medication, or while taking different dosages or types of medication. These evaluations are brief and quickly give valuable, objective data to you and the pediatrician in order to make decisions about the most effective medication for your child.