Chapel Hill Pediatric Psychology
Thursday, December 02, 2021


Sleep impacts almost all areas of functioning. We can all relate to the negative impacts of a poor night of sleep, including reduced attention, difficulties learning, and irritability. When sleep difficulties become more chronic, they can impact many areas of a child’s functioning, including their ability to learn at school, remember instructions, and manage their behavior. Therefore, it is important to accurately assess and treat chronic sleep difficulties in childhood and adolescence.
Our Sleep clinic specializes in evaluating and treating sleep problems for school-aged children and adolescents, including:
  • Difficulties getting child to bed
  • Difficulties falling asleep
  • Frequent nightwakings
  • Poor sleep schedule/ sleep routine
  • Daytime sleepiness/daytime fatigue
  • Night terrors
  • Nighttime fears
We will work closely with you and your child or adolescent to understand the specific nature of the sleep difficulty and develop appropriate strategies to improve sleep.  When there are concerns about an underlying medical cause to sleep difficulties, we will collaborate with other health care professionals to take a multi-disciplinary approach to identifying and treating sleep disorders.
Additionally, since chronic sleep difficulties impact learning and behavior, our clinic will work with schools to help children whose academic progress is impacted by poor sleep. In many cases, these academic and behavior problems improve after sleep difficulties are addressed, but children may need additional support at school until these sleep difficulties are resolved.
If your child or adolescent is having sleep difficulties, please contact our office at 919-942-4166 to learn more about our sleep clinic.